Features of a Scuba Diving Certification


A scuba diving certification is a document, which is usually presented in a wallet-sized plastic card that certifies that the bearer of the document has completed a course of training in scuba diving or underwater diving as required by the agency issuing the card. Divers are required to carry a scuba diving certification to prove their qualifications in the following situations: booking a dive trip, hiring scuba equipment, or filling diving cylinders (dive shops, charter boats and resorts require to see a scuba diving certification). One must be aware that a scuba diving certification is a high grade level certification and not comparable than recreational certifications, since different agencies have different entry-level requirements on recreation certification.

While the nj scuba diving classes certification requires the minimum level training, the same training also applies to advanced and specialization certifications and will compose the following data: name and logo of the certifying organization, name and photograph of the person certified, certification reference or serial number, type of certification such as basic, open water, nitrox, probationary, special skill, etc., date of certification, name of instructor, and instructor’s registration number. It takes about two o three months to get a full certification.

One will have to go through a nj scuba diving lessons  certification course that includes classroom work that is weekly and integrates advanced reading, examinations, practical skills sessions, and four to five open water dives. The dive is from 60 feet to 100 feet below the water surface, while the advanced diving allow for 130 feet. To earn for an open water certification, these are the following requirements: at least 15 years old, good physical health certified by a medical certificate, and pass the training, which comprises swimming for 200 yards using any stroke, float or thread on water for about 10 minutes, and dive by oneself without an instructor present, after going through series of lessons with an instructor.

The history of certifying scuba divers originated at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in the year 1952 when an event happened after two divers died while using university-owned equipment. The then president of the University of California, Robert Gordon Sproul, deemed it necessary to restrict diving onlt to those who had been trained through the program and that started the certification of scuba divers. Then, a year later, LA country sent three persons, Bev Morgan, Al Tillman, Ramsey Parks, to Scripps Institution of Oceanography for diver training, to which after their training, they established the LA Underwater Instructors Program, which is now the oldest instructor training program in the US and used the Scripps Institution of Oceanography diver certification concept. To learn more about scuba diving, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underwater_diving.


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