Scuba Diving Certification-Here Are the 5 Requirements 


Due to the existence of many professional diving training centers offering scuba diving lessons, this activity has become very popular. There are various training programs under this course. Examples of such programs include the rescue diving lessons, underwater wildlife and plant exploration programs and among other lessons. You must have completed any of these programs to be issued a scuba diving certificate by a professional diving school.

PADI and NAUI are among the most popular padi open water certification nj training agencies recognized worldwide. Each of these organizations requires you to undergo all the diving training stages to obtain their certification. Below are the standard requirements needed to get scuba diving certificate.

  1. A basic Swimming Test

Although you are not required to be a diving professional at the time of joining, you will have to possess some simple swimming skills. For instance, With PADI, you must be able to swim for a distance which is at least 200 meters. Also, you must be able to float on the water for not less than 10 minutes. However, this will vary depending on which school you are joining.

  1. Scuba Diving Classes

After passing the first test, it is time to start the actual training. At this point, you start learning about the basic concepts about scuba diving and safety measures.

This is the theoretical part of the training, and you will most likely be watching videos and reading books. You will also be introduced to scuba diving equipment and other various aspects involved. Check out to know more bout scuba diving.

  1. Pool training

Pool training involves applying what you have learned in class inside confined water before you can qualify to explore deeper waters. You will learn how to use diving equipment, breathing under the water, maintaining buoyancy and other activities. This will determine whether you qualify to proceed to the open water or whether you still need more training.

  1. Open Water training

Here, you get to demonstrate your scuba classes nj skills to your instructor in the open water. The instructor will be checking whether you can dive with ease, stay afloat for a reasonable time and whether you are fit for real scuba diving. If the instructor is satisfied by your performance, you will be allowed to undergo the final stage.

  1. Final Exam

Depending on the training school you enrolled, you will be required to take a simple final test to verify whether you went through all the stages of the training.

After completing all these requirements, you are now fully qualified to obtain a certificate in scuba diving from your training school.


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